Review: The Fresh Shave, Kauai, Hawaii

Review: The Fresh Shave, Kauai, Hawaii

May 14, 2017 Indulge 0

The Fresh Shave is a food trailer that offers shaved ice in Kalaheo, Kauai. It’s a short detour of the Kaumualii Highway or north of Koloa, depending which way you are driving. Compared to some other shave ice places, The Fresh Shave hand shaves the ice and offers healthier toppings and ingredients to accentuate your shave ice, fresh fruit, chia seed cream, and no high fructose corn syrup in their homemade syrups. After reading about it in an inflight magazine on our way to Kauai, we decided to make plans to check it out.

The Handlebar

As a lot of the options were sold out when we arrived around 14:00, we ordered The Handlebar, which is pineapple + coconut. As there is only 1 person working and the process is pretty time consuming, we waited about 20 minutes in a line with about 5 other people. While we enjoyed the concoction, it was only average at best; we found the ice texture to be coarse, the topping quantity was poor, and the overall flavours were not what would have expected from fresh toppings.

If there is one thing that The Fresh Shave does well, it’s their branding, which is too bad since the product itself was underwhelming. Maybe it’s because we have enjoyed Ululani’s in Maui so much but this one didn’t quite stack up.

  • Rating: 12/20 – We would NOT visit again.
  • Quality: 3 –  Good
  • Quantity: 3 – Good
  • Service: 3 – Good
  • Location/Atmosphere: 3 – Good (it’s in a parking lot with nothing much else there)
  • We visited in May 2017
  • For more information:

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